Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Learn as we burn

Learn to think Survival

And imminent domain
Learn to understand that
Tyrants dismiss your pain

As the price we must
All dig down deep and share
As they rip you off and lie
Telling you that they care

Learn the key phrase
Move in along the flank
Learn to get away with it
And that bravery you should thank

For all those who fight with you
On any front and any place
Learn that properly applied destruction
Can create a place for grace

Get your own rhythm
Find your own beat and line
For most all skirmishes and battles
Are first won with the mind

4:41 am
transcribed this time
4:45 am


Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Meeting

Every now and then

The world weighs me down
Comes pressing onto my shoulders
The distance gets a littler further
The nights a bit colder

Emptiness just reigns in
Like it owns the place
And it looks upon this participant
Like I've had my time of grace

My meaning at it's best
Has always suffered some wear and tear
But nothing has prepared it for this
Meeting with existential despair

The vital energy of life
Has suddenly been laid bare
And now a serious stillness lies
Hanging in the air

And there is no one to call out to
No rope to be thrown down to climb
The pit starts to own you
And it's all just a matter of time

That nothing can hold back
Nothing can stop its reaching you
The broken steps become inevitable
The last meeting with your final due

What is it that you've done
You had been given so much
Who is it that you've loved
What single heart have you touched

11:04 am
transcribed this time
11:07 am